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Individual Psychotherapy

One on one treatment for adolescents, teens, and adults in a welcoming environment. Sessions  are typically ~45 minutes in length. Areas of focus include: anxiety, depression, grief and loss, abuse (perpetrator and/or survivor), trauma, medical diagnosis or chronic health issues, oppositional behavior, emotional disturbance, LGBTQA+, parenting skills, general stress management, work-life balance, self-esteem, and more. The therapist and client will set goals and develop an individualized plan for treatment.

Family Therapy / Family Reunification

Family Therapy is designed to address specific issues affecting the overall functioning of a family unit. Sessions are typically 45-60 minutes in length. Areas of focus include: conflict resolution, communication, grief and loss, major transitions, blended families, divorce/separation, parent-child relationships, co-parenting, limit-setting, and more.

Family Reunification Therapy (FRT), facilitated by a skilled Reunification Counselor/s, is an intensive treatment process used to rectify and resolve estrangement within the family unit. Such scenarios are commonly related to separation/divorce, incarceration, immigration issues, adoption, DCPP/DYFS involvement, etc. FRT is sometimes ordered through family court proceedings.

Couples Counseling

This therapeutic service caters to couples (current or former) that seek improved communication, conflict resolution, co-parenting skills, and/or a more mutually satisfying relationship. Premarital counseling is also available to help improve future compatibility. The Counseling Corner recognizes and welcomes all couples regardless of gender, orientation, dynamic, or relationship status.

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